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Home Business Communication Data Network Via Wireless, XDSL and VSAT

 What is data network?

It is referred to the service where it is needed to link many locations with a separated and dedicated connection. It is possible with this service to link a company's locations in different cities with a dedicated connection (but not Internet connection).

Who will benefit from this service?

 It is the service provided for those who have special requirements for their applications to work on separate and dedicated network. For example, to connect bank branches, this service will make it possible to link the requested branches through a dedicated connection that no one can access outside these branches.

How this service work?

Libya Telecom and Technology offers data network connections and sites linking through one of the following means:

  •  Leased-Lines: where cables or phone network used to connect.
  •  Wireless connection: where the connection is made through wireless devices.
  •  Satellite connection: where satellite system is used to connect.

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