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What is Leased-Lines?

A leased line is a highly reliable, dedicated business Internet connection, available in speeds ranging from 256kbps up to 8Mbps. With superior service level guarantees to either ADSL or SDSL, a leased line offers fully 1:1 contented, synchronous Internet access at incredibly fast speeds.

Who needs this service?

It is the best choice for those who are reliant on the Internet for their business, like companies, public bodies, Internet cafes, and the organizations who require:

  •  Online transactions 24x7 to support their business model (like Banks).
  • -High availability and fast access to web sites or mail servers hosted at their premises.
  •  High speed Internet when the current speed is not enough (when your staff increase)
  • A leased line will connect you directly to the Internet and enable your staff to work more effectively and more productively.
  • With a leased line you have full use of all the Internet bandwidth all of the time, so you don't share it with any one else like what happens in other technologies.

How Leased-Lines works?

Libya Telecom and Technology will provide a dedicated circuit between your office and nearest LTT point of presence (where our main equipments rely) using the phone network. This circuit will act as your pipe to the Internet. This circuit is also monitored with a special monitoring system to guarantee the connection and bandwidth.

For more please contact the Commercial Department.
Phone: +218 (21) 3400020
Fax: +218 (21) 3400044


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