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LTT Wireless Networking specializes in delivering "last mile" connectivity for high-speed Internet and intranet. Our highly-secure wireless broadband products are deployed in Libya by public and private enterprises, government and educational institutions, and Internet Service Providers.


 What are the benefits of our services?

Security With security applications being a priority for many entities, our wireless broadband products are equipped with AES encryption, a most trusted security protocol. Our Access Control and User Authentication features present a multitude of security functionality.

Independence Using broadband wireless solutions from LTT, organizations can free themselves from depending on the local telephone company infrastructure or service offerings. Connections between data and voice systems in separate buildings can now be handled in-house rather than through a third party.

Ease of use Our solutions are designed to provide ease of installation, centralized on-going management, and transparency to the end-user. Our ability to deploy mesh or star topology enable maximum network flexibility.

 Customization and Support LTT can engineer solutions to fit each client's specific needs and takes pride in offering the necessary pre- and post-sales support to ensure a successful implementation. .

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