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What is Satellite (DVB-RCS) Access?

DVB-RCS is a broadband satellite solution offering "always-on" Internet access and IP-based services enabling fast and cost-efficient professional-class communications for users on land where cable connections are unavailable or satellite service is the preferred transmission technology.

The bandwidth is shared with other users, allowing users to benefit from reduced communication costs without any loss of privacy.

Who needs this service?

This service is the best solution for those require Internet in places where no other means to connect, like leased-lines (which requires a cable connection or phone newtwork), or like wireless connection (where your place is almost is outside the coverage of the service).

And in general, It's provides Internet connection to the remote areas (remote cities, villages, and oilfields) which located within the Satellite coverage.

How it will work?

The Satellite signal is sent and received via a DVB-RCS terminal. The terminal has an Ethernet interface to connect to the customer LAN and has a built in basic router functionality.

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